Diet Program Review – Can A Diet Really Make You Lose Weight?

In this post I am going to talk about your metabolic system and how Metabolic Cooking can greatly influence the amount of calories that your body stores as fat. The idea behind these metabolic recipes is to help you shed pounds and body fat at an accelerated rate, so that see results fast.

 This diet program review is about how to prevent a slow metabolism and what we should do to actually give our bodies a metabolic boost by simply eating the right foods at the right times. Many people have tried dozens of diets that claim will make you lose weight, however, within a couple of days they realize that such programs are not something they could sustain.

Our metabolism is the rate at which our bodies burns calories. What Metabolic Cooking tries to achieve is to promote our organism to burn more calories through the day by feeding it the right combination of macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs). It also emphasize the times at which each combinations should be consume and the potions of each.

From the Metacolic Cooking book, here are a couple of tips on how to prevent a slow metabolism:

1. Make sure that you eat between 2 and 3 hours throughout your waking hours. It is better to eat 6 small meals than 3 big ones.

2. Eat protein with each one of our 6 meals. Protein is highly Metabolic Thermo-Charged, which means that the amount of energy used to digest and breakdown proteins is a lot higher than the one used for fats and carbs.


3. Use a variety of foods. There is nothing better to ruin a diet plan than boredom. Have you ever been successful long term with a diet that only allows you to eat certain foods?

4. Avoid junk food. Unfortunately, as convenient as they may be, junk foods are almost always empty calories. Highly processed and refined foods have very small Metabolic Thermo-Charge, which is why there will wreck havoc any weight loss effort.

I have written dozens of weight loss program reviews. I usually try to be objective and open to the information the author have to offer. However, sometimes the diet plan is so restrictive or simply unattainable that it may make you lose fat very quickly at the beginning, but within the first few days your body craves whatever it is not being given and you will soon give into temptation.

Metabolic Cooking focuses on the rules and the foods that will help you make life long change to your eating habits. Eating small healthy meals up to 6 times a day, instead of skipping meals and overloading your body with junk food, combining your macronutrients properly to achieve the best results, and providing a good variety of foods, and therefore nutrients are the foundation concepts of this plan.


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