Metabolic Cooking Review – Unbiased Review

If you are looking for a real, honest review about Dave Ruel and Karine Losier’s Metabolic Cooking Cookbook, you came to the right place.

Before I head into this Metabolic Cooking Review let me make it clear that I am giving you my unrestricted, completely honest review. What I am about to show you are the ESSENTIAL points that you need to know before you get your very own copy.

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What exactly is Metabolic Cooking?

Metabolic Cooking is the principle of using the foods that you eat to avoid a slow metabolism and to actually give your system a metabolic boost, which in turn will help you burn more calories and fat.

The authors, Dave Ruel and Karine Losier are two very well know and highly respected fitness specialist. Dave Ruel is a professional bodybuilder. He also known as the “Muscle Cook” since he has been able to show thousands of people that to have an exquisite physique you do not need to have a boring diet.

Karine Losier, better known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen” is Dave’s better half, and not only has she brought her expertise when it comes to developing innovative food preparing methods, but also her knowledge of the human mind. After all she holds a master’s degree in Psychology.

Now, the Metabolic Cooking program is a comprehensive guide on how to burn more fat and lose more weight without depraving yourself of great tasting meals. As a matter of fact, in this diet you need to follow 10 rules, and one of them is to eat every 2 to 3 hours, which means you will be eating between 6 and 8 times per day.

I have read several books over the last decade on this very same topic (how to lose fat an weight) and even though I have come across some great material, I have to say that Metabolic Cooking is one of the first ones that combine the actual steps and guidelines with great tasting, affordable, and easy to make recipes.

Click here to visit the Metabolic Cooking Official Website

What are the 10 rules that you will need to follow?

1. Eat every 2 to 3 hours
2. Eat a complete source of protein at every meal
3. Eat a source of healthy fast with almost every meal
4. Choose good sources of carbohydrates
5. Eat veggies
6. Eat whole foods whenever possible
7. Vary your nutrient sources and ratios
8. Cut the junk
9. Always be prepared
10. Don’t make it more complicate than it really is

Now, in this Metabolic Cooking review I can’t disclose all the little details that each rule entails, but let me tell you, you are in for a surprise. The books has been written with such precision and attention to details that it really is very simple to follow.

What are the BAD point about Metabolic Cooking?


• Dave and Karine ask you to focus on your total calorie intake, which is tedious to say the least. In past experiences I found that counting calories was very time consuming and I can see many people turned off by this point alone.

• Even though they highly promote the use of a variety of products and foods, they ask you to stay within the list of foods that they provide. Some readers may simply not want to use those foods and use the ones they are used to instead.

What are the GOOD points about Metabolic cooking?

• Dave and Karine have made a big effort on making this guide complete and easy to follow. They provide you with the guidelines and all the recipes that you will need. Also, the ingredients that they use are actually affordable and you can get them at any grocery store.

• The 10 rules that you need to follow are supported on actual experience, not just on theory. Dave is a professional bodybuilder and he know how to enhance your metabolism so that your body becomes a fat torching machine.

• There are a lot of recipes that they provide you with. There have different categories that you can chose from:
1. Breakfast
2. Chicken & Poultry
3. Fish & Seafood
4. Metabolicious Smoothies (the recipes here are great, fast and delicious)
5. Pork
6. Red Meat
7. Sides
8. Snacks
9. Vegetarian

• The book is written by two people who have struggled with the same issues that we have, and who have found the solutions after years of testing. This book unlike many others is written by regular people like you and me who want to share their strategies to help other achieve their goals.

Overall, my final thoughts

Metabolic Cooking is a very well written guide, not a lose weight quick scam. Dave Ruel and Karine Losier are two very highly regarded fitness professionals who have helped thousands of people lose weight by simple tweaking their eating habits so that they can eat the right foods, in the right proportions at the right times.

If you have a slow metabolism and unwanted pounds that you need to get rid of, and it seems like nothing else works, it may be because you have an stubborn metabolism. Get a copy of Dave and Karine’s Metabolic Cooking, it may just be what your body needs.


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